The Silence Of The Lambs

The Silence Of The Lambs Book Review

The Silence Of The Lambs Book Review & Book Learning

Author: Thomas Harris

Genre: Horror

Favorite Character: Dr. Lecter Hannibal

It is a novel by American author Thomas Harris, published in 1981. All of his works have been made into films.

What Should I Read Next?

5 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. If you are bored by all those same types of horror novels, this book will give you a nice break from the usual scary books and you are going to experience a totally different kind of fear in this one.

  2. Interested in reading a story about a cannibalistic psycho killer?

  3. What if the psychiatrist is himself a serial killer? What if a doctor who treats mental illness himself has a mental illness?

  4. Can one psycho killer catch another psycho killer? Will he be good enough at decoding other’s moves?

  5. A story that made the name of the character Hannibal Lecter almost synonymous with cannibalism. This book is going to scare you to the bones.


Best Quote

“When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin’, but not to help.”

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