Lying Book Review

It is an essay book by Sam Harris, an American author and neuroscience expert.  His work mainly revolves around the areas of spirituality, morality, neuroscience, free will, and terrorism.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-help 

8 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. How can we make our lives easier by telling the truth?
  2. How is lying never a solution?
  3. What will happen to you if you start telling the truth? How is it going to benefit not just you but also your family friends?
  4. Why even white lies are not good/ How we can replace even white lies with truth?
  5. Why any type of lie, even if it’s done with the best intention, is not a good answer?
  6. What will happen if you tell truth in those situations where others generally lie?
  7. Something that will make you contemplate about your own life and the lies you have told so far.

Best Quote From ‘Lying by Sam Harris’

“Of course, the liar often imagines that he does no harm as long as his lies go undetected.” 

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