Nausea Book Review

It’s written by the existentialist philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre. It’s his first book and according to him, it shows his best work. He was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature but he declined it as he considered it merely a function of a bourgeois institution.

Genre: Philosophical Fiction

6 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. To meet the character of a dejected historian. Not in many novels you find that.

  2. It is going to help you in understanding the concept of existence and how the objects around us encroach our ability to define ourselves.

  3. If you are wondering how objects can affect our existence. Is it possible to see your existence separate from the objects surrounding us?

  4. This is your book if you enjoy philosophy. This book will work on one of the biggest philosophical problem wrapped in a fictional story.

  5. If you are curious to know how the profession of historian goes against the concept of existence.

  6. To know how can anyone become nauseated with his own existence. 

Best Quote

“People who live in society have learnt how to see themselves, in mirrors, as they appear to their friends. I have no friends: is that why my flesh is so naked?”

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