The Biggest Secret – The Book That Will Change the World

the biggest secret book review

The Biggest Secret Book Review & Book Learning

Author: David Icke

Genre: Conspiracy

It’s written by the English writer, David Icke. He was a BBC television sports presenter and spokesman before turning into a conspiracy theorist.

What Should I Read Next?

7 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. You like knowing about the conspiracies.
  2. If you ever heard the term reptilian humanoid, this is the book that popularized this concept.
  3. You are looking for something similar on the lines of mystery and thrillers but want to take a break from the regular whodunits.
  4. You like researching and talking about the aliens.
  5. You are obsessed with the royal family of England or you loved Princess Diana.
  6. You want to get an idea of how far the human mind can think.
  7. You have already heard the statements that God created the humans, Science is responsible for them, it’s a simulated world but what if a theorist presents a new idea that aliens also played a major role in this on our earth. You might want to check out what evidences he has to talk about something like this.

Best Quote

“When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away. If enough of us do it, we give the world away.”

What was your reason for reading this book? Let us know in the comments.

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