The Stranger

The Stranger Book Review

It’s written by a French author,  Albert Camus. His fictional writing generally has a lot of hidden philosophical elements. It is listed as one of the best books of the century.

Genre: Philosophical Fiction

6 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. You like Philosophy. This book is going to give you a break from all those non fictional-philosophical books. 
  2. You want to read a beautiful story knitted with some great philosophical problems of all time in the background.
  3. You have mostly read about the characters who are either loving, caring, bitchy, rude, proud or not; but you haven’t read about a character who is indifferent. Even this word can’t describe enough his personality, you might have to read this book to know why he is categorized as different from all the other people.
  4. You want to know the answer of one of the many questions raised by the book that is if you are not very good at showing emotions, are you a soulless monster?
  5. You want to know what makes a man not to cry on her mother’s funeral like everybody else in the courtroom wanted to know.
  6. You can’t get enough of courtroom drama.  

Best Quote

“I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world.” 

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