A Brief History Of Time


a brief history of time

A Brief History Of Time is an extremely popular science book on Cosmology by British physicist Stephen Hawking, published in the year 1988. He has written his book specifically for the readers who don’t have much knowledge of the scientific theories.

Genre: Science

5 Reasons Why ‘A Brief History Of Time’ Is Your Next Book

  1. Stephen Hawking is equally good as a writer as he is as a scientist. He never forgets to add light humour here and there in his books to make his books even more enjoyable for his readers.
  2. This book will help you in understanding various prevalent scientific concepts like quantum mechanics, string theory and various others in a simpler and easier to understand language.
  3. As a scientist, Stephen Hawking tries to handle the most talked-about subject – Is this universe a creation of God?
  4. Not just God, this wonderful writer even talks about wormholes and time travellers. He also tries to answer whether time travel in the past is possible or not.
  5. Another curiosity-arousing topic that he discusses in his book is space-time, various dimensions, travelling to other dimensions, the existence of free will.

In short, this book will make you more informed about the universe and will try to answer many mind-boggling questions in an uncomplicated way.

Favourite Quote From ‘A Brief History Of Time’

“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”

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