The Woman In White

The Woman In White Book Review

It is a novel by British author Wilkie Collins, published in 1859. This novel is included in many lists including ‘The Big Read’ by BBC.

Genre: Mystery 

Favourite Character: Marian Halcombe

5 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. This book is one of the first mystery novels ever written – first from the genre of “sensation novels”. If you love thriller novels, you should read this one for sure to know how mystery stories started in our literature.

  2. This is also a first example of detective fiction where the protagonist employs a lot of techniques to uncover the truth.

  3. This book is written in a very different style. Instead of one narrator, this book has many just like a court case has many witnesses. (Writer studied law and you can see the influence of that in his books.)

  4. Are you an English language lover? This book is totally for you. You are going to see a lot of beautiful words and sentence formation.

  5. This book will give you a glimpse of women’s lives in the 19th century in Britain. There will be many instances where you, as a woman, will find it tough to relate as we live in a totally different time now  but it’s good to read this to know how rich British women were living then; and how they suffered because of the lack of equal rights and equal laws for men and women at that time. 

Best Quote

“Any woman who is sure of her own wits, is a match, at any time, for a man who is not sure of his own temper.”

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