The Art Of War


It is written in the 5th century BC by Sun Tzu. Originally written in Chinese language, it has been translated into English and various other languages since then.

Genre: Self-help

6 Reasons Why ‘The Art Of War’ Is Your Next Book

  1. It’s a good book for all those people who are a part of the highly competitive business world.

  2. Some of the best strategies related to the life you are going to find in this book. Not only those strategies can be applied to your professional life, but also to your everyday’s life.

  3. It will give you an informative peek into the world of wars and what it all takes to win one.

  4. This is one the favourite books of so many top leaders of the world – political leaders, military leaders and management professionals. You should read it to know what they have found in this book.

  5. Even though this classic is about military strategies based on Chinese warfare, you will still find some very useful insights from this book.

  6. A book that is written by an experienced military personnel.

Favourite Quote From ‘The Art Of War’

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”


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