50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion

50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion

It is written by a renowned religious affairs correspondent, Peter Stanford. He is known for his biographies and writings on religion and ethics.

Genre: Non-Fiction

6 Reasons Why ’50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion’ Is Your Next Book

  1. This book gives the comparative study of most of the religions of the world. The writing doesn’t seem biased towards any one particular religion.
  2. A short but good summary is provided of various eastern religions like Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism. For people who don’t know much about all these, it’s a good book to develop your knowledge on the same.
  3. Not just ancient, it also talks about various modern religions prevalent right now like Rastafarian etc.
  4. It also provides a believable answer to the question whether we can ever do away with the religions or not.
  5. The author has also talked about the reformed versions and also the mystical versions of various religions which most of the people lack awareness of.
  6. There is also an exploration of the good and bad, heaven and hell, and the concept of morality.

Favourite Quote From ’50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion’

The rise of intolerance should not distract attention from the real story of religion as it is lived by the many rather than the few.”


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