The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep Book Review

The Big Sleep Book Review & Book Learning

Author: Raymond Chandler

Genre: Crime Fiction

Favorite Character: Philip Marlowe

It is a book by American author Raymond Chandler, published in 1939. This is the first book that featured the character of Philip Marlowe for the first time. According to the author, the story is created by cannibalizing his few earlier stories.

What Should I Read Next?

6 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. To know why the character of Philip Marlowe is the literary heartthrob of many women?

  2. To read a story that is more about the process of investigation rather than about the result.

  3. If you like detective novels or hard-boiled crime stories, this one is for you.

  4. This story has been adapted into Hollywood movies twice. Interested in knowing the plot now?

  5. The story is noted for its complexity where characters are double-crossing one another all the time. Just to mention that the murder of one of its character is still unsolved, maybe you can solve that puzzle.

  6. The author has paid more attention to the atmosphere and characterisation as compared to the plot, thus adopting a very different type of writing style for a crime fiction.


Best Quote

“Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.”

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