Tell The Wolves I’m Home

Tell The Wolves I'm Home

It is the debut novel of American author, Carol Rifka Brunt, published in 2012.

Genre: Bildungsroman, Coming-of-age

Favourite Character: June Elbus

6 Reasons Why ‘Tell The Wolves I’m Home’ Is Your Next Book

  1. This is a tremendously emotional story of love, grief and healing of two lonely people.

  2. The story is set in the backdrop of 1980s AIDS crisis in the United States – a time when people still didn’t know much about it.

  3. Is there a thing like embarrassing love? And are there moral conflicts related to that? You will know all about it in Tell the Wolves I’m home.

  4. A very well written narrative of how the bond between two sisters is never damaged,  and can easily renew it in the time of need.

  5. A beautiful story of finding love, then losing it and then finding it again.

  6. With this book, you will be taking an entry into the utterly complicated world of human emotions and how the lives are affected by them. The title is hinting the same, the more about which you can know only when you read the story.

Favourite Quote From ‘Tell The Wolves I’m Home’

“Maybe I was destined to forever fall in love with people I couldn’t have. Maybe there’s a whole assortment of impossible people waiting for me to find them. Waiting to make me feel the same impossibility over and over again.”

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50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion

50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion

It is written by a renowned religious affairs correspondent, Peter Stanford. He is known for his biographies and writings on religion and ethics.

Genre: Non-Fiction

6 Reasons Why ’50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion’ Is Your Next Book

  1. This book gives the comparative study of most of the religions of the world. The writing doesn’t seem biased towards any one particular religion.
  2. A short but good summary is provided of various eastern religions like Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism. For people who don’t know much about all these, it’s a good book to develop your knowledge on the same.
  3. Not just ancient, it also talks about various modern religions prevalent right now like Rastafarian etc.
  4. It also provides a believable answer to the question whether we can ever do away with the religions or not.
  5. The author has also talked about the reformed versions and also the mystical versions of various religions which most of the people lack awareness of.
  6. There is also an exploration of the good and bad, heaven and hell, and the concept of morality.

Favourite Quote From ’50 Ideas You Really Need To Know Religion’

The rise of intolerance should not distract attention from the real story of religion as it is lived by the many rather than the few.”

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Lying Book Review

It is an essay book by Sam Harris, an American author and neuroscience expert.  His work mainly revolves around the areas of spirituality, morality, neuroscience, free will, and terrorism.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-help 

8 Reasons Why It Is Your Next Book

  1. How can we make our lives easier by telling the truth?
  2. How is lying never a solution?
  3. What will happen to you if you start telling the truth? How is it going to benefit not just you but also your family friends?
  4. Why even white lies are not good/ How we can replace even white lies with truth?
  5. Why any type of lie, even if it’s done with the best intention, is not a good answer?
  6. What will happen if you tell truth in those situations where others generally lie?
  7. Something that will make you contemplate about your own life and the lies you have told so far.

Best Quote From ‘Lying by Sam Harris’

“Of course, the liar often imagines that he does no harm as long as his lies go undetected.” 

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